At our Core

The George Wythe Review was founded in 2009 by American Politics and Policy students at Patrick Henry College. As one of the nation’s few undergraduate publications, the GWR’s mission is to integrate faith and reason into the discourse of American domestic public policy. To achieve this mission, the GWR issues bi-yearly publications presenting students’ research on domestic policy issues. The GWR diligently works to create content that enhances discussion in the American Politics and Policy program, Patrick Henry College, and its nationwide readers alike. As a result, the student-led, award winning journal stands out for its dedication to faith and scholarship.



The George Wythe Review is the flagship program for American Politics & Policy majors at Patrick Henry College. Students in this program study key sub-fields of American Government, including American institutions and behavior, state and local government, public economics, public policy, and research methods. The faculty advisor for the program, Dr. Michael Haynes, works closely with the students to ensure the program’s success. PHC students from the program stand out as regularly interning at the White House, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the Federal Communications Commission, the Heritage Foundation, and many other prestigious institutions throughout the Washington D.C. area.

For Our Name

George Wythe, the journal’s namesake, left his mark on American history as a premier scholar, zealous patriot, and the nation’s first law professor. Many founders such as Thomas Jefferson grew under his mentorship and teaching. Though a powerful advocate of the War for Independence, Wythe was known for his humble dignity. As a framer of the Constitution, his work left a legacy that our country still honors to this day. The George Wythe Review adopted his name in commitment to create a journal that emulates Wythe’s scholarship and dedication to our country.

By Our team

Editor in Chief

The GWR’s Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the entire operation of the publication.  The chief responsibility of the role is to provide a vision for the Review and create steps for each department to fill that vision.  In addition, the Editor-in-Chief ensures that current operations are running smoothly by being a representative of the review to outside organizations, helping facilitate various projects occurring in different departments, and managing the timeline for when the current semester’s issue will be released.

Josiah Dalke

Josiah Dalke is Senior from Snoqualmie, Washington majoring in Government through the American Politics and Policy track at Patrick Henry College and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the George Wythe Review. Working on the GWR for seven semesters has been an exciting outlet for Josiah as it has created an opportunity to think about American policy from different perspectives. In addition to working on the GWR, Josiah currently serves as a research intern for both Alliance Defending Freedom and the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.  After college, he plans to pursue law school and practice law in some respect as either a litigator or legal researcher.  When he has free time, Josiah loves hiking mountains, researching interesting topics concerning the American political system, discussing theology with friends, sports, and crafting jokes with friends.

Associate Editor & Staff

The Associate Editor is head of both the staff editors and the development assistants. The Associate Editor and staff editors conduct the initial content editing phase of the publication process. The Associate Editor is also responsible for planning the George Wythe Review symposium, which is held once a semester after the GWR has been published. Development Assistants aid the Associate Editor with the external affairs of the journal. Their responsibilities include fundraising, planning events, and networking.

Riley Anderson

Riley Anderson is a junior at Patrick Henry College and a proud American Politics and Policy major. He has worked on the George Wythe Review since his freshman year, and he is excited to be working as the Associate Editor this year. When Riley is not working on the George Wythe Review or school, he enjoys playing volleyball, piano, or working on Moot Court. He plans to work hard to ensure that the George Wythe Review only continues to get better!

Publications Editor & Staff

The publications team, led by the Publications Editor, is responsible for the appearance of the journal, the copy editing phase of publication, and the George Wythe Review’s website. The publications team heads the copy editing process, ensuring the professionality of the journal is maintained.

Celine Robishaw

Celine is a junior at Patrick Henry College studying American Politics and Policy. After four semesters on the George Wythe Review staff, Celine joined the editorial board this fall semester as the Publications Editor. Her further experiences include interning for MercuryOne, iVoterGuide, the Eastern District Court of Texas, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. After college, she prays the Lord uses her in politics to help refocus America’s attention and values on Christ. Outside of academics, Celine loves ballet, fellowshipping with friends and family, enjoying God’s creation, and, oddly enough, organization.

Research Editor & Staff

The Research Staff is responsible for the academic integrity of the research found in every paper selected for publication. They ensure that all citations in the George Wythe Review are legitimate and conform to APA formatting standards. 

Calvin Klomparens

Calvin is a junior Government major at Patrick Henry College with a track in American Politics & Policy. He enjoys studying the inner workings of the American political system, reading books about economics and philosophy, and arguing constitutional issues in moot court. He has been a member of the George Wythe Review for four semesters; this is his second semester on the editorial board. 

Communications Director & Staff

The communications team is in charge of the journal’s social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Gabrielle Sakai

Gabrielle is a sophomore Government major at Patrick Henry College with a track in American Politics & Policy. 

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Haynes

Educational Background:

Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Tennessee

M.A. in Political Science, Marshall University

B.S. in Business Administration (Management), West Virginia State College

Dr. Haynes joined the Patrick Henry College faculty in the fall of 2008. He has been involved in research at the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy. Before going to graduate school, Dr. Haynes acquired extensive experience in grassroots politics and in state and local government. Dr. Haynes’ concentration is in the American Government/Politics and Public Administration/Public Policy fields. His research specialty deals with the organizational and managerial structure and operation of the modern White House.

He teaches courses covering The Congress, The Presidency, Campaigns and Elections, State and Local Government, Ethics and Public Policy, Education Politics and Policy, Principles of Policy Analysis, Practicum in American Politics and Policy, and Political Science Research Methods.