Associate Editor

Associate Editor

The Associate Editor is head of both the staff editors and the development department. They oversee the initial editing phases of the publication process. The Associate Editor is also responsible for planning the George Wythe Review symposium, which is held once a semester after the GWR has been published, and external relations. The Editor In Chief may assign the Associate Editor responsibilities not specifically outlined in this document as needs become apparent.

Development Assistants

Development Assistants are responsible for the external affairs of the GWR. They serve under the Associate Editor, but the Editor in Chief will work closely with the department as well. Their responsibilities will include things like fundraising, planning events, networking, and other tasks they are assigned by the Associate Editor and Editor in Chief.

Fundraising Staff

The Fundraising staff is a specialized team that serves under the development department and the Associate Editor. They are not a standing team on the GWR, but staffers can be assigned to this team at the discretion of the Editor in Chief in order to help secure both short and long-term funding for the Review. They are responsible for researching and pursuing possible sources of funding at the direction of the Associate Editor and Editor in Chief. They are also responsible for the completion of all tasks assigned by the Associate Editor and Editor in Chief.